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Foundation Repair
Foundation Repair

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House Leveling

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Retaining Walls

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Crawl Spaces

Foundation Company in Dallas

Ensure your residential or commercial property stays intact when you turn to the professionals at Du-West Plumbing Dallas. We strive to provide quality, affordable services that maintain the structural integrity of your entire property. We also strive to maintain our integrity by providing services only when they are needed.

» Doors or Windows That Don’t Latch
» Jammed Doors and Windows

Our foundation company in Dallas provides customers with foundation repair and maintenance services, ensuring their foundations are always strong and steady. Knowing the warning signs of foundation damage is paramount to catching and fixing issues early. If you experience any of the following scenarios, it is time to contact our certified foundation contractor to assess your property and talk about options:

» Cracks in Vinyl or Ceramic Flooring
» Cracks in the Walls around Doors, Windows, and near Ceilings

When you use us for foundation repair, we conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of the damage, as well as how extensive the damage is. Many times, foundations don’t even need to be repaired. In these cases, we concentrate on maintenance services to ensure your foundation stays intact for years to come.

A Foundation Contractor Who Concentrates on Your Needs

Never pay for services you don’t need when you trust our experienced professionals. Our contractors treat each case on an individual basis. This ensures that you never have to pay for full repair service if you don’t actually need them.

When we meet with you to discuss what kinds of foundation services you need, we work quickly to find the source of your problems. This allows us to gather the right information so we can provide permanent solutions. The most common sources of foundation problems are swelling or shrinking soil, thirsty trees, and plumbing problems. With the help of our foundation company, you know exactly what’s causing your issues and exactly how to fix it.

Quality Foundation Repair and Maintenance Services

Trust our contractors for durable, affordable foundation maintenance and repair services. Just because you experience some warning signs of foundation damage doesn’t mean it warrants full repairs. Unnecessary repairs on foundations can actually lead to more damage, so we will always tell you when it’s needed and when it isn’t.

Our repair services include watering your foundation, altering your drainage system, and installing root shields. These measures ensure your foundation stays in prime shape throughout the coming years.

Contact us today to learn more about our foundation repair and maintenance services. We proudly serve customers in Dallas, Carrollton, Plano, Mesquite, and Richardson, Texas.

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